Thursday, July 5, 2012

Setup sharepoint server 2010 on an sql server 2012 using local account

To avoid installing the sqlserver express 2008 engine that is bundled with sharepoint server 2010, you must manipulate the installation a bit. First and foremost, install sql server 2010.  Then start the SP 2010 installation as part of a farm. When the installation reaches the final step, uncheck the “configure server” option. Install sharepoint 2010 sp1 (in order to drop the system stored procedure sp_dboptions dependency). Only then, can you configure the server to connect to the already installed sql server.

In case you are working without a domain, you will also face the problem that you can not setup the configuration database using the local account. To bypass this, fire up the sharepoint 2010 management console and use the New-SPConfigurationDatabase command where you may specify a local account.

Running the New-SPConfigurationDatabase you may also hit the “New-SPConfigurationDatabase : The user does not exist or is not unique” problem if you forget to specify the computer name while setting the FarmCredentials (use “<computer name>\<user>”).

When the command finishes, fire up PSCONFIGUI and when you click next, you should have the database server and the database name prefilled. After that, the installation is a matter of a few clicks.

Enjoy your fresh sharepoint server instance!

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