Thursday, October 23, 2008

Building openvpn with enable-password-save on windows

If you are looking to download openvpn 2.1.1 with enable-password-save you should check this post.
I have added a few updates on how to build openvpn 2.1.1 on this post

Although I know it’s against security best practices I have just finished building my own version of open vpn 2.1 RC 13 passing the --enable-password-save option (you may download it from here). Thus I can now save the credentials in a plain text file. If you can’t acquire private keys and you don’t care about security that much or you think that you can trust your credentials in a plain text file in your computer, you may also build your own openvpn following the following instructions.
First of all I acquired a fresh copy of a virtual hard disk containing windows xp (you may find some already installed vhd drives here). In order to open the vhd file you’ll be needing Virtual pc.