Friday, February 8, 2008

Sql Reporting Services and A4 paper size

I recently run on a problem trying to set the default paper size of my reports to A4. Although I was setting the paper dimensions to 2,1cm width and 2,97cm height, when the end user was printing the report, the default page size on the page setup dialogue was Letter.
Searching the net someone mentioned that the Sql Reporting Services of sql server 2005 do not “like” the paper dimensions in cm but rather prefer inches. Changing the dimensions to 8.3in × 11.7in fixed the problem on my computer but not on the clients’ machines.
Finally, I read somewhere in the MSDN forums that in order to default the page size to A4 one must set the report’s page width to 8.27in and the height to 11.69in. Believe it or not, this fixed my problem. Everyone is printing in A4 paper size without having to set it in the Page Setup dialogue.

PS: If you want to set the orientation to landscape, you’ll have to switch the values of width and height, obviously...