Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Running webinos widget browser with custom sources

Having installed the webinos widget browser on windows it works fine but if you want to run it using the latest webinos sources from the repository or even use your own custom version, then you need to do some more steps.
So here's the process.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Building openSSL on windows

In order to build openSSL from the source code you will need to install a couple of third party free software. In this post I describe what I did on a virgin windows pc in order to build openSSL 1.0.1c.

Windows Autologin

Sometimes you might need to set a user password although you don’t really need to. The most common reason to set one is to allow the user to connect through remote desktop. This will force you to authenticate every time you boot the machine. In order to avoid that (please make sure you do understand the security risks of doing that, I personally use this only on my virtual machines and only if I don’t care about securing my files) you can follow these simple steps.