Friday, June 10, 2011

Securing applications by hidding response header

Although it’s fairly obvious that a website is running (through session cookie and the viewstate) you may protect your server by removing a few response headers that advertise the iis and the version. The most common response headers you should remove are the following:
  • X-Powered-By:ASP.NET
  • X-AspNet-Version:*.*.*
  • Server:Microsoft-IIS/*.*

The X-Powered-By response header
This header is added by the iis and you may remove it via the “Http Response Headers” in the iis configuration tool as shown in the following images for iis 7+:

and for iis 6 you should check the following image:

The X-AspNet-Version response header

This is advertised by the .net framework. You may remove this by adding the following entry in your application’s web.config file:
httpRuntime is located at configuration\system.web
In the case of the MVC, you should also consider disabling the MvcResponseHeader setting the value of System.Web.Mvc.MvcHandler.DisableMvcResponseHeader to true in the gloabal.asax file when the application starts.

The Server response header

The hardest response header to remove is the Server one. Quoting the tip from
For the Server header, on IIS6 you can use Microsoft's URLScan tool to remote that. For IIS7, there is a great article on using a custom module to modify the Server header.
URLScan tool is easy to install. Don’t forget to enable it by adding it in the ISAPI Filters (the dll is usually located at %windir%\system32\inetsrv\urlscan\urlscan.dll).
You should also make sure that you enable the RemoveServerHeader option in the UrlScan.ini file that is located next to the dll file by setting this options value to 1.


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