Friday, October 4, 2013

DataServiceClientException request entity is too large

I had an issue with some wcf DataServices that I had deployed some time ago. The problem was that the occurring on the client when the SaveChanges method was called when an entity was too big (larger than 48k). I had all the maxReceivedMessageSize in place and the problem was occurring only in the https binding (needed to exchange certificates with the client).
 There seems to be an issue with ssl and iis and although maxRequestEntityAllowed is unlimited in the serverRuntime the "totally unrelated on first site" uploadReadAheadSize setting is set to 48k. Well, it seems that it is related, based on this SO question which saved me a couple of head bangs. You will definitely need to configure the quotas of the binding (as described in multiple posts) but you can also set the uploadReadAheadSize via the web config.

You will have to add the following configuration, but make sure that you unlock the serverRuntime section first:

Hope this saves some of your time...

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