Friday, September 28, 2007

Systray disappearing icons

I recently installed Super Copier 2 a fascinating program that overrides the default windows copy mechanism and provides the user with options such as continue on error etc. The main problem I face is that it does override every copy mechanism which causes problems especially when you try to copy things from your mobile phone or through a zip file. Thus I have to deactivate every now and then to achieve some tasks. It can be easily deactivate through its icon on the systray (a.k.a notification area).

The problem is that recently (about a month after installing the program) the systray icon disappeared. That’s when I realized that most of my systray icons (including the Sql Server Service Manager) were gone. Initially I though I had activated the option “Hide inactive icons” on the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties but that was not my case. So I started googling and ended up on an article entitled “Systray icons missing Windows Problem Solver”.

I tried the systray_cleanup.reg then the systray_plus.reg and finally the systray.reg which actually solved my problem. I have uploaded their script just in case their site goes down. You can download them here

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Andreas Botsikas said...

These registry hacks worked for a couple of days and then the problem reappeared... If I discover another solution I will post a comment...